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Sending 'Outbound' Faxes Thru FAXtopia

FAXtopia offers 1,000 inbound fax pages and 100 Outbound faxes in our price of $9.95
You can send faxes through our portal and also set it up to fax from your e-mail account.

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Faxing Limits - Over Limit Errors

You will receive an e-mail notice if you exceed your limits. If needed, we can temporarily increase your monthly outbound limit at no additional charge. However, if you plan on doing a higher volume of outbound faxes we recommend upgrading your account.

Contact us to upgrade to a higher volume account:

     300 outbound fax pages per month $ 19.90

     500 outbound fax pages per month $ 29.85

In general, we don't offer high volume fax-blasting services. i.e.; spam faxing. However, feel free to contact us to discuss your individual needs and we can usually offer customized plans for you.