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review of fax servicesReview of e-fax vs. FAXtopia

efax is the current market leader in the online fax industry. While both companies offer e-mail fax services, FAXtopia is considered a discount fax provider because the services are basic: outbound and inbound faxing direct to your e-mail, 30 day reporting and a simple billing system with a flat rate of $9.95 per month. No contracts or surprise billings.

All support calls for FAXtopia are done from the main offices in Florida. Generally, not much support is required once a fax is set up. The most common support issue we see is updating a credit card, which can be done online or over the phone.   $9.95 per month

1,000 pages inbound and 100 outbound
  • Flat fee, no contract - No surprise charges
  • Zero set up fees, cancel anytime
  • Port your number in or out anytime
  • HIPAA portal available - no extra cost   $16.95+ per month

150 pages inbound and 150 outbound
  • Additional pages cost 10 cents each
  • $10- set up fee to start the contract 
  • Doesn't allow porting away your fax number
  • Higher price levels than industry standard

Most of the complaints we hear about efax are that the billing is inconsistent. If someone sends you a large fax you may pay up to ten cents per page extra. There is no way to limit incoming faxes and these unexpected charges.

Another issue is trying to transfer your fax number to a lower cost provider. If you are unhappy with e-fax and want to switch to a different online fax company they will not allow you to transfer your number away from them. We transfer a lot of fax numbers over to FAXtopia and efax is the only company we deal with that won't allow customers to port away their fax number.

efax is owned by J2 Global and promotes their services through different company names including MetroFax, TrustFax, RapidFax, Send2Fax, SFax, SRFax, and All provide similar services and customer service policies.

FAXtopia offers HIPAA fax and TIFF faxing at no additional costs.
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Security is an important issue. Some fax providers allow for various levels of online storage. FAXtopia does not have any storage. Once a successful fax is sent we delete it. The main benefits are that confidential information is not left sitting on a server somewhere. Also the cost of our service is be lower because of less storage needs.

In general, FAXtopia offers a basic, reliable fax service providing the features most companies actually need and use.

FAXtopia offers full support by phone and e-mail. Call us at (561) 325 - 7307