Internet Fax Service


Online Fax Services for Realtors, Insurance Brokers, Mortgage and Title Companies.

  - 1,000 incoming faxes per month
  - Transfer your existing number
  - All faxes arrive as a PDF file
  - Share faxes with your team

We have special expertise providing internet fax services for the real estate industry including mortgage brokers, real estate agents, title companies, insurance agents and local contractors. We understand this market well and our services are customized for your needs.

Secure Digital Faxing Direct to Your Inbox
One Fixed Price - $9.95 a Month!

efax for realtors

Private and Secure

All your faxes arrive to your designated e-mail account(s). We do not keep any copies on our servers and there is never anything left behind on the company fax machine.

Get Your Faxes at 2 e-mail addresses

You can add a second e-mail address to also receive all your faxes. This can be for a support or admin person that can review all faxes and immediately and follow up.

Temporary Fax Numbers Available

You can sign up for a temporary fax number here. Use it for a client needing special assistance and cancel it anytime.

Transfer Your Existing Number to FAXtopia

We can usually transfer your existing fax number to our servers. Simply fill out this Port Fax Number request and send it to us along with a copy of most recent phone bill. Then, your total monthly cost for our online fax service is just $9.95

Fax Fraud and Theft in the Real Estate Office

Here's in interesting article based on an experience doing some consulting work a few years back. It makes the case for NOT using a shared fax machine for your business. Click here

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