Internet Fax to email


How to Transfer Away From e-fax

Unlike every other carrier in the telecommunications industry, e-fax and their sister companies including MyFax, Sfax and eVoice have a policy of never releasing a customer’s number or allowing them to transfer to a different carrier. Here’s the statement we get back from them when a customer requests their number be transferred:

"J2 Global rejects the LOA to port the fax number. j2 Global® is the customer of record for this number, and as such, we are rejecting the request to port this number out. We sell bundled services on our DIDs, and do not grant our users the right to port out the number we assign to them"

What To Do ?

Since e-fax will never allow you transfer your number away here’s the best option.


Call us anytime to discuss your specific needs.   $9.95 per month

1,000 pages inbound and 100 outbound
  • Flat fee, no contract - No surprise charges
  • Zero set up fees, cancel anytime
  • Port your number in or out anytime
  • HIPAA portal available - no extra cost   $16.95+ per month

150 pages inbound and 150 outbound
  • Additional pages cost 10 cents each
  • $10- set up fee to start the contract 
  • Doesn't allow porting away your fax number
  • Higher price levels than industry standard