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What is the Best Online Fax Service?

FAXtopia's virtual fax to email service platform is fast, secure and reliable. You receive faxes direct to your email. We are the most secure digital fax as no copies are ever left on our servers.

Here's some common questions about setting up an internet fax service.

Choose a New Fax Number or Transfer Yours

We can usually transfer your existing fax number to our e-mail fax service. Click here to transfer your fax number. Porting a fax number can take approximately 10 days, depending on the carrier. Here's special instructions about transferring away from e-fax.

HIPAA Compliant Secure Online Faxing Available

At no additional cost, you can be set up to receive all faxes through our secure HIPAA Compliant web portal. Keep your existing email fax number or choose a new one. Check here for more detailed info on setting up our HIPAA fax service.

Corporate Fax Accounts

We can set up and manage your multiple fax numbers. We can offer flexible programs to fit your existing business processes. Click here for info on corporate fax accounts and the personalized service we can offer. Call us to discuss your particular set up requirements and we can usually customize your faxing and billing preferences.

Secure, Low Cost Faxing

We run the latest technology on our high speed fax servers and keep our technology updated. That's how we have continued to provide this cheap internet fax service for over 15 years. Our uptime has consistently been over 99.95%

Internet faxing, commonly called an e-fax, is still a safe and preferred method of quickly transmitting documents. It's not going away anytime soon. Our fax over internet is secure and reliable.
Here's an interesting article from the BBC discussing the past and future of fax technology.

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